Established in 2006, San-I-tize specializes in the direct importation and distribution of medical and emergency supplies to state and private hospitals, governments and the private sector. Our approved factories provide high-quality, properly certified, reputable and reliable supplies throughout Africa and the World. We own and operate warehousing and retail outlets in Africa and the East.

This is our online store, and not all our products are listed here.

For bulk orders and urgent imports, please contact us on any of the numbers listed on our contacts page.

In the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, San-I-tize offers:


Offers products that aim to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases.

"As a paediatrician in private practice and a source of information to my patients and community, I can strongly recommend San-I-tize and their products."


Dr Willem Smit

"I’m grateful that San-I-tize values quality products and at more reasonable prices.
Certainly a brand to keep on the radar. They certainly have my endorsement!
Many thanks for assisting my patients and colleagues during this trying time!"


Dr Uvi Naidoo

"I particularly find the portable Oximeters very handy, especially if doing house calls. I highly recommend San-I-tize to every medical professional. Well done."


Dr Edward Engestrom